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Electronic Lock Installation

electronic lockDo you still rely on old-fashioned locks to secure your home or business? Is that working for you or are you considering a new form of access control? Today we are going to talk about the electronic lock installation process. You would be surprised how many residential and commercial locations are going keyless. The right locks can enhance security. However, if they are installed properly, they are useless. Choosing the right access control system and the right person to install it is very important.

There are a variety of electronic locks on the market. They can be operated with motors, magnets or solenoids. In all cases, it is the electric current that initiates the action. The process involves applying or ceasing current to the lock.  There are several types of locks that are operated electronically. Here is some information about the most popular.


The electromagnetic lock is very common in retail, hospitals, schools, and government offices. This product is installed on the door frame. It is essential that this lock is installed properly. An improper installation could cause a couple of problems. The lock could fall from the frame and injure someone passing by. It could also fail to operate efficiently. It is best to allow a trained locksmith to install this lock for you.


There are a few pros and cons concerning the magnetic lock. One of the positives is it is not easy to pick. It cannot be picked like traditional types. One of the negatives is that the doors unlock when the electrical current stops. It is recommended that this lock is used in combination with another type for enhanced security. Be sure to turn to a locksmith service pro for any questions you have about this type.

Traditional locks operate using a standard strike. Electric strike locks release the latch electronically. Many homes and businesses upgrade to this type. It is easier to do this when upgrading from a standard lock. Like magnetic locks, this type can be fail safe or fail secure. Meaning that they can continue to lock or unlock when power is lost. Talk to your local locksmith company to determine if this type is right for you.

Code LocksElectronic deadbolts are another popular lock in this category. Again, these locks can be fail safe or fail secure. This type is referred to as electric mortise. These cylindrical locks are fairly easy replacements for standard mechanical types. This type should definitely be installed by an experienced and thoroughly trained locksmith.


These electronic products are typically operated through the use of some type of keypad. The person entering the building must enter a code, password or audible response. Some require the use of a coded card that can be swiped for access. Biometric scanning is also a popular alternative. This requires a fingerprint, voice or retinal scanning. RFID or radio-frequency identification is also growing in popularity. The user carries an object that is read by the radio wave reader.

Keep in mind that it is very important to choose a trained tech for electronic lock installation, repair or replacement. These pros will help you find the right electronic lock for your home or business.

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