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Electronic and keyless entry locks

Keyless entries and electronic locks have always been something we were used to seeing in CIA and James Bond movies.

Nowadays there are a very large variety of these locks that are affordable to the average consumer as well; some of which offer a great amount of features and advantages. The main and most obvious advantage of these solutions is of course that they are keyless; meaning gone are the days of metal keys, no need to make dozens of copies for all your employees or tenants depending on where you intend to have the lock installed.

Not all keyless entries are electronic; some of them are mechanical only; they don’t require power and they do not run on batteries which is a great advantage. The most popular brand for these mechanical push button locks is Simplex. The main disadvantage with these locks is that they only offer one pin code for gaining entry; in other words all the end users share the same code for getting in. If you intend to use this for you home and only share the code among you family members that’s fine, but if you plan on having it installed in a business then this could turn out to be quite a problem.

Electronic keyless entries come in a variety of flavors; some run on power, some are stand-alone (run on batteries), some have a keypad, while others have use a magnetic card swipe or key fob. The ideal solution in most cases is a standalone keypad lock which offers a unique pin code per user. This means the lock runs on batteries, so in case of a power failure it would continue working without any disturbance.

The interaction is done using a keypad, meaning there are no keys, magnetic cards or key fobs that need to be made or can get lost eventually. In addition they can have a unique code per user, this means that you can add or remove access to anyone you decide without affecting other authorized personnel.

Some will want to go an extra mile and get an additional feature known as audit trail; this feature allows your security manager to generate a report of who has entered which door and at what time. Since each user will have his own unique pin code, you can generate a report to see when he or she has used their code and on which lock. This is very important if you suspect there may be a case of employees stealing from your business.

The most popular lock that offers these features is from lock manufacturer Schlage; one of their most successful standalone keyless entry locks that come with an option of audit trail is known as King Cobra. This lock also comes with a key override, allowing you to still use a key rather than a keypad in case there is a malfunction or the batteries have run out.

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