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Do Not DIY Your Home Alarm System

Taking on your home alarm system as a DIY project is just asking for trouble.

If you really need to get your hands dirty then build a shed or a tree house for the kids but leave your home alarm system, and your family’s security, in the hands of professionals.

disasterworldThere has been a small rise in crime in your area or perhaps a neighbor’s home was burglarized or worse, your own. You fancy yourself an intelligent person and figure that you can piecemeal together your own homemade security system from items that you can pick up from one of the large hardware stores. Do everything at a fraction of the cost and avoid any assessment and installation fees. Well, don’t.

The vast majority of the Wireless Combo Alarm systems that you find in the big stores are pretty junky. A system that is made up of single unit containing the master control unit, siren and keypad with just an electrical cord to the wall, phone cord and a bunch of contacts that are secured with double-sided tape isn’t going to do a whole lot for you in terms of security nor the appearance of your home. It might take you 10 or 15 minutes to set up but it will take the most inept and bumbling of burglars only seconds to smash the unit and rob you blind.

When it comes to home security, it really is a question of you getting what you pay for. Say you do manage to install a DIY home security system correctly, these systems don’t even offer the most basic of security features. When a proper home security system is activated, it will seize phone lines in the event that someone is using the phone. A proper security system will also have tamper proof features to guard the panel and other critical parts of the system. With one of the basic DIY systems, a burglar can basically pull the unit off of the wall and throw it in the toilet and that’s that.

A major problem with DIY systems is that when you install an alarm system yourself, the monitoring facility is not responsible in the event that your system fails to communicate with them for one reason or another during a burglary. In addition, you incur any fines that might be generated do to false alarms caused by poorly installed or malfunctioning equipment.

If all of this wasn’t enough; the majority of insurance companies will not offer discounts for having an alarm system if you cannot provide them with a certificate of installation from a recognized company.

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