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Do Locks Keep Kids Safe?

All parents across the world share one common nightmare, which is the uncertainty of their children’s safety.

happy-kids1Of course, parents will always be parents and they will worry about their kids from the day they are born till their fifties. On the other hand, children are children and that means that they get naughty, curious and disobedient. Good security door locks will probably keep them in the house but, does this ensure their safety?

Doing regular lock repair and updating the security system of the house will certainly contribute to their safety but, it’s not sufficient to protect children from going outside without our supervision or answering to anyone knocking on our door. We need to be more methodical, inventive and acquire the skills of good and patient teachers.

The dangers behind keys

All children are born with a natural curiosity to discover their world around them and, although, their reflections might be quick, they have neither suspicious minds nor the sense of danger developed. After all, that’s why they need our protection. Remember that keys may lock them in but, keys may let them out, too. You definitely need to get the best door locks for the house and ensure the security of both garage doors and gates, too. Though, you need to keep the keys protected as well. You can’t keep them in places, where they can be reached and you need to train them about the dangers behind locked doors. You don’t want to scare them but, make them suspicious, so that they react smarter when they hear the front door bell ringing. Place the transponder key in a safe spot, too. If you leave it on the driver’s seat, one day you will find your six years old son behind the wheel pretending to be the next Schumacher.

Be aware of the dangers within

We experiment different methods to keep our kids safe from threats coming from the outside world and we often fail to see dangers within our own homes. The most common threat within our safe environments is the most common detergents, soaps, chemicals and other substances we use for cleaning or tools we keep in the garage. Here comes the urgency of keeping the doors locked. Medicine and chemicals must be locked and the keys of the cabinets locks must be hidden.

Do you know what the best secret of keeping them safe is? Apart from being good tutors and explain them the threats lying around us, we need to kill their curiosity. If you intrigue their interest with locked cabinets, they will snoop behind your back to discover what’s hiding behind the locked commode or cupboard. Are you confused? It’s simple. You just need to show them what you keep in there and explain why you lock them.

The experts of FC Locksmith would definitely assist you on an emergency situation but, they always recommend forgetting about bathroom and bedroom keys as long as the kids are still very young. Your little daughter may imitate your movements and lock the bathroom door but, the consequences could be dreadful if you won’t have access to the room or whether she will panic and can’t unlock the door. Keys need to be used wisely at the presence of kids and any wrong decision could result to a small nightmare. What parent deserves that?

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