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Did Your House Come From the Future?

Our imagination runs faster than reality and film directors take advantage of our little weaknesses and serve us the right proportion of future means and tricks to keep us intrigued.

It’s been years since Mission: Impossible, but we are still amazed. Though, behind the closed curtains scientists work hard on greedy technologies, which never stop to astonish us and gratify us since they work for our benefit. We first heard of smart homes many years ago, but the homes in our neighborhood are not smart at all. Though, we anticipate them with awe! And we expect much of a near future, especially when it comes to our security

futurePeople of this generation have high expectations of high tech electronic locks that will make your house almost invisible to the eyes of potential intruders. Don’t forget that we lock our doors and windows at home to keep away intruders and file cabinets and safes at work to stop industrial espionage. The cold war is dead, long live the cold war. We will either have to eliminate crime or do something about our locks. Some luxury homes and great corporations have already tasted the greatness of the future.

Some homes are already controlled by far away through smartphones while new electronic devices and locks offer double security than the old mechanical ones. Lately, garage doors require wireless keypads and soon they will unlock or close from afar.

If you feel insecure at home, hang in there a little longer. Locks are about to get better and the current keys will hold a grand position in the museum of modern history. If you are too traditional to own a laptop, it’s time to reconsider because soon your doors will be locked through your computer. Microscopic cameras will watch over your house and warn you about suspicious movements. Key chains will practically be useless because you will be carrying your personal keys on you. It will be your distinct personal feature. It might be your left eye, your deep voice or your fingertip, but it will be the only way to have access into your home. Smart? Very. Of course, you can’t borrow a friend your keys to spend a night over at your place, but perhaps this is to your benefit, too.

Tomorrow or the day after, we might wake up in an unrecognizable world where the front door of our house will embody special sensors and alarms and the door would open to our command only. Scientists work on these techniques as you read these lines. Besides, your fingertip is already useful to many doors and FC Locksmith knows that when there is need, there is also a new technology to support it. A few years back electronic locks seemed strange to our eyes, but this is the story of our lives as long as we are kept safe.

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