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Did You Lock the Front Door? It’s Not Enough!

What’s the point of installing expensive high tech security door locks at the main entrance of your house and leave three windows open and the back door unlocked?

Private lives are not secured merely by locking the front door but they will be protected solely when all entrances and private belongings are locked, too.

Take a look around your house and start counting windows and doors. These are all entrances to your home and potential intrusion entry points as well. Take a look around the living room and bedroom. How many valuable do you see? Do you keep jewelry in your drawers? Do you keep sensitive information in your business briefcase? You certainly have expensive plasma television sets, tablets and laptops hanging around. Do the calculation to find out their actual worth in terms of money spent and value for personal information or your work. They all need to be kept safe because it’s the only way to ensure private security.

Lock your private world

In a funny, peculiar way there are many doors in each house. Apart from the obvious ones, there are many cabinet doors as well. Every little drawer is a small version of a door and when these doors lock, they can become the best hidden places for valuables. In essence, you have to consider installing many door locks, keep plenty of keys and remember a few more codes. That’s the price we all pay for a little privacy.

The secret is keeping control over your stuff. When you hide your expensive watch in a locked drawer, you can be sure of its safety. When intruders manage to break into homes, they don’t usually have the time or patience to break every lock in every cabinet or drawer and they will certainly not bother finding the codes of your safe. They will search among books, in closets or under mattresses and they will open unlocked drawers. Make their life difficult and lock your valuables.

Lock the entire house

Of course, the best method to protect your private world is excluding the possibility of a home intrusion. In this case, you are required to lock every window and have the locks replaced before they become useless. Don’t put all your money on the front door leaving ancient locks in the basement or back door. The professionals at FC Locksmith can help you find excellent solutions for all entry points but you must also remember to lock them, too. What’s the use of investing in expensive lock systems and leaving half the windows open during a hot summer night? Find another way to cool down temperatures; this is your security we are talking about!

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