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Deadbolts: Your Home’s Best Friend

DeadboltMaximizing home security is a common concern. No matter how many nice things you get for your home, they’ll be at stake if you cannot properly secure the main entrances. Burglaries happen every day – throughout the day and the night. They are every homeowner’s nightmare. And that’s where deadbolt locks step in, make a difference, and become your BFF. Let us consider some facts.

Deadbolts provide the required security

What makes a lock a deadbolt? Its bolt and mechanism. There’s a cylinder and pin system – which can change, by the way, when and if there’s a need to rekey locks, and the entire mechanism is put inside the door. Deadbolts have a one-inch bolt which extends into the hole found on the strike plate.

The longer the bolt and the longer the screws that secure the plate, the better. Naturally, the way the deadbolt installation is done and the quality of the door both play a role in the level of security. So, one thing you should check – or invest, first is the door. It must be solid and well-installed. Same thing with the deadbolt. If the deadbolt lock installation is done all wrong, you lose the benefits the lock is supposed to bring.

Plenty of deadbolt lock choices

Not all homes are the same. Not everyone has the same needs. And deadbolt locks may be installed anywhere you like. The good news here is that there’s a variety of deadbolts on the market.

The main categories?

  • Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common high-security locks, allowing the use of key from outside and carrying a thumb knob on the inside.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts work with a key on both sides, but not allowed in some areas for the avoidance of further problems should an emergency occur – getting trapped inside in the event of a fire, for instance.
  • Keyless locks or combination deadbolts. The most advanced deadbolts are operated with a keypad or touchscreen, while many combine the alternative of a key.
Deadbolt locks become better & better

DeadboltsThe benefit of a deadbolt is dual. They are made of steel and integrate the bolt, on the one hand. Additionally, they lack a spring mechanism that would make them vulnerable to prying.

The additional advantage of deadbolts is that they get better and better over the years. Since they are the dominant solution when in need of high security door locks, they really become stronger through the years. They are extensively tested until their resistance and durability are both revealed and finally, approved. So, when you get an ANSI tested and approved deadbolt lock, you get the peace of mind by knowing that the product is ready to withstand all methods of force entry.

Easy to find locksmiths for deadbolt installation

Since deadbolts are popular locks, not only do they advance over the years but it’s also easy to find locksmiths with the expertise to install locks like that. And that’s paramount for your peace of mind too. You won’t struggle to find a pro to install your deadbolt and you will be sure of the resistance of the lock due to its proper installation.

Most break-ins happen by force. And surely there are multiple entry points in a home, while enhancing security with additional systems – alarms, deterrents, etc. is also a good idea. But the door locks stand at the front line of defense. If they fail, the alarm may still come off but the burglar will be inside your home. That’s why deadbolts are your home’s best friends. They keep evil out and everything you want to protect inside the house intact – from the family to the valuables. And the best thing? Deadbolts are not expensive. Surely, the prices range depending on the brand, the model, the type but are not a luxury to cost a fortune, whereas your home is your precious private sphere that’s invaluable. Doesn’t it deserve the best protection?

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