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Crawlspaces Are a Beacon For Burglars

When it comes to home security, people will often neglect one of the most obvious points of weakness…the crawlspace under their home.

crawl spaceIf your home has a crawlspace underneath then don’t forget to secure any points of entry; don’t want it to be too easy for burglars.

Crawlspaces are located under many homes and, as the name suggest, they are generally quite small and tight. They will have one or more access points (tiny door or window) on the sides or back of the home. You’re probably thinking “who cares, let them crawl around in the dirt and dead squirrels under the house.” The truth is that these spaces under homes are often not empty and there is plenty that burglars can do by accessing the crawlspace of a home.

Crawlspaces will generally house your home’s cold air return as well as the air handler of the heat pump and boiler both of which a burglar can easily cash in on; not to mention copper pipes and wiring. Copper pipes and wiring are very attractive for desperate people such as drug addicts because they are in demand, valuable and easily sold for cash. None of this is new to most people; however, what many don’t realize is that once a burglar has removed the cold air return, they can easily enter the home. If a burglar wants to case you house for a bit in order to find out when you’ll be out, they can actually just lie in the crawlspace and listen or leave a recording device of some kind. Crawlspaces are located, quite literally, under the floorboards of your home and one can hear just about everything said in the floor above.

Tips For Securing Your Homes Crawlspace

  1.  Install A Proper Lock
    The first thing that you can do in order to secure any crawlspaces is to make sure that they have a proper lock. We will generally suggest that our clients go with a U-style lock, much like those produced by Kryptonite Lock for bicycles.
  2. Upgrade Hinges To Crawlspace Doors
    Doors to crawlspaces are often a bit on the sketchy side, with simple screw hinges on the “outside” side of the door that can be easily popped out with a simple screwdriver and minimal effort. Replace the screws in the hinges with star bolt screws.
  3. Have The Access Door Linked In With Your Home Security System
    It would be a shame to spend all that money on locks for your doors and an amazing home security system just to have a burglar pop open the door to your crawlspace and come up through your floor like…well, a thief in the night. Contact your home security service provider and have them install a security contact to any crawlspace doors if they haven’t already.
  4. If you live in the GTA and have any questions regarding how to secure the crawlspaces under your home or any other questions regarding home security then be sure to give us a call.
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