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Common Car Key Problems

Key ProblemsThere are all sorts of things that may happen to car keys. They may break. You may lose them. They may get stuck in the ignition. It’s all bad news. After all, such problems keep you from driving the car. In some cases, they may cause a car lockout. But let’s face it. We all know what it needs to be done in such situations. It’s simple. If the key is broken, you need a locksmith to extract it from the ignition and cut a new one.

The problem seems to be worse when you don’t know what to do. When you are suddenly faced with a car key problem and you are not sure why. Let us make a list of the most common car key problems but let us also point out that entrusting the solutions to car locksmiths is the best thing you can do.

Before we dive right in, let’s say this. Not all car keys are the same. In fact, fobs are not even considered real keys, but they still act like keys. But some fobs have keys, too. Older cars may still have a simple ignition key, but most cars today work with a transponder key, if not a fob. And so, here you can read problems associated with any of these devices.

It might simply be a dead fob battery

The problem may be as simple as a dead fob battery. Whether this is a key fob or a keyless entry remote, its battery will last for only so long. So, if you don’t see any other damage and have been using the fob for quite a while, change its battery. Once you do that, the fob should work just fine again. If not, it may be any other (of the following) problems.

Car keys do get damaged

Car keys are durable but still keys. And keys become damaged. And one more thing: damage is not only in the form of breakage. The key’s little teeth may be damaged. The grooves may be worn. With such damage, keys cannot be inserted in locks or ignitions. Or, they may go in but not turn. They may get stuck. The best thing you can do to avoid further problems is to get a key replacement the moment you notice even some scratches. At least, keep the number of an emergency locksmith with you.

Is this an aftermarket car key?

aftermarket car keyIn an attempt to save money, people buy aftermarket car keys online instead of turning to their dealer; or, even cheaper, to an auto locksmith. But such an action may cost you much more. Why? Because you may get the wrong key for your car. Or, it might be programmed already. And so, you will end up dealing with a car key problem and having to pay twice for a key – once of the aftermarket key and once more, for an automotive key made and programmed by a local locksmith. Go straight to the locksmith to avoid the risk.

Is the transponder key programmed?

If you are having a transponder key problem, consider this. The key may not be programmed – unless it was working yesterday and it’s not working today. If it was working fine before but not now, you may want to explore one of the other reasons for problems. But if this is a new transponder key or an emergency, second, spare car key made just now, it is most likely not programmed. Programming transponder keys and key fobs is important. If this is not done, the key won’t work; period.

It’s not the car key, it’s the car lock

If you use a key to unlock the car door and this seems impossible to do, it might not be the key’s fault. It might be the lock’s door. These types of locks wear and may become damaged like any other lock. They may freeze and get really dirty overtime, keeping you from inserting the key. Or, turning it. There’s possibly a need for auto locks change, especially if the problem is serious or the locks are tampered with – hence, the problem.

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