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Commercial Door Locks: What Are Your Options

commercial keyless locksIt’s perhaps needless to say that commercial property security depends highly on locks. But we still put emphasis on the matter since lock variations and different security needs both highlight the fact that each door would require a different lock system. And there are many of them. There are also various brands. There are different lock grades and substantial distinctions between interior and exterior door locks. But in contrast to home locks, commercial interior door locks must still be resistant. So when you make a decision about one thing, a new door opens. And you will have to decide on something else too. It gets more and more confusing and we can help with that.

ANSI Grading Lock System

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute. BHMA stands for the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association. They set grades to identify the resistance of hardware, like locks. And there are progressive levels – grade 1, 2, and 3 – depending on performance. Locks classified as grade 1 hardware are the most durable ones on the market and so ideal for commercial lock installation. But locks meeting the grade 2 standards are also good for commercial applications.

UL Listed Door Locks

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. also check and certify security door locks to make sure they meet certain standards. They must resist bumping, drilling, picking, and prying and must meet safety requirements during a fire. This doesn’t mean that locks not certified by UL are not resistant. In fact, some high security commercial locks are not UL listed.

Main Commercial Lock Differences

Access_ControlDeadbolt installation is often recommended for higher security. But there are distinctions among deadbolts too. There are also mechanical and digital dead locks. The former types include single and double cylinder locks. When it comes to the latter, there are keypad, touchscreen, and connected locks. Schlage also produces digital deadbolts with a built-in alarm. This is an advanced technology which senses the door moving and alerts the owner. Many Schlage and Yale touchscreen deadbolts work with a Z-Wave system. And this is helpful when you want to lock and unlock with the smartphone.

Another smart option is bio metrics. They can be excellent for both exterior and interior doors since they can act as access control systems. Depending on the model, you can store even over one thousand fingerprints and/or codes to accommodate the entry and exit of multiple users at your business.

Since security matters indoors too, you can also get smart padlocks. They don’t work with keys but with your phone and they make excellent file cabinet locks. If you need an easy to use interior lock but still want to invest in high security, you can also check out the Kwikset Smart key lock. It meets several requirements and you can rekey locks yourself.

Final door lock thoughts

From Assa Abloy and Master Lock to Medeco and August there are several brands. In order to upgrade security, you must consider whether you want interior or exterior lock change and mechanical or electronic locks. You must also think whether or not you need bio metrics and whether or not you want to use your smartphone to open and lock. What you need is to be able to control security at any part of your business and this easily happens with digital systems. But then again each company has its own needs. Consider yours and just keep in mind that frequent lock replacement will keep your property secure.

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