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Commercial Automatic Door Solutions

Automatic_Door_Operators_serviceNo door can replace the convenience and simplicity automatic systems provide. Whether you visit a hospital or a shopping center, there will be an automatic door waiting to open and close for you. When it comes to your commercial property, you must consider the opening size, pedestrian flow, daily cycles, and property requirements. Choosing the right automatic door is not hard as long as you consider these factors and adhere to the local building codes. When it comes to commercial buildings, the safety of both visitors and employees is your responsibility. And that’s why you need the perfect system and proper automatic door installation.

Automatic door types

  • Automatic sliding doors

They are extremely popular because they can be installed at properties with either medium or heavy foot traffic needs. What’s nice about them is that they open all the way and so they make entry easy. Designed in three different configurations (telescopic, single, and bi-part), they make an excellent choice for most properties. They operate either with installed sensors or buttons (for limited foot traffic).

  • Automatic revolving doors

They are ideal for controlled access entry points and must have enough space for simultaneous exit and entry. They come out in different configurations to match the needs of all commercial properties.Swing Door Operator

  • Automatic swing doors

What’s special about swing doors is that each is installed for one way traffic. And there is usually a separate door which leads to the opposite direction.

  • Automatic folding doors

You can find single and bi-fold doors. They actually fold and swivel to allow people to move inwards and outwards. They make the best solution for limited spaces since they don’t occupy room when folding allowing pedestrians to walk through with ease.

The key is the automatic door opener

What makes folding, revolving, swing, and sliding doors automatic is their operator. Each Low energy operatorsdoor should be matched with the right automatic door opener. And when it comes to choosing an operator, you should focus on your needs. Do you want high speeds? What are the local safety standards? Is there a lot of foot traffic at your business? The answers to such questions would determine whether you will need a low or high energy automatic door operator.

  • Low energy operators

These types of automatic door openers are ideal for light foot traffic. They are often operated by pushing a button or activating a sensor. The speed of the door is rather slow and so they don’t usually include safety devices. Their slow motion enables handicapped people to go through free of stress, but also give adequate time to all pedestrians to go through at their own pace before the door closes again.

  • High energy operators

When foot traffic doesn’t really stop, you need high energy operators. They operate fast to enable and facilitate high traffic and for this reason they require safety devices. Since they work hard, they should be maintained often too. And there is an increased need for automatic door repair in compare to their low energy counterparts.

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