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” I went out for dinner last night with my friends. We ended up going to a club. When I got home in the early hours I realized that I’d lost my keys somewhere along the way. Great, right? I called FC Locksmith as they’d helped out a friend recently. The locksmith was with me in just 20 minutes and he managed to open my front door without damaging the lock. It felt like it took him seconds as well. I fully recommend these guys. Great job. Thank you.”

Zach White

” I’d been having some problems with my electronic car key for a few months. Sometimes it would open the door, sometimes it wouldn’t. Stupidly, I put getting it repaired to the back of my mind. Big mistake! The other day I left the house to head off to work and found that I couldn’t get into my car. The key just wouldn’t work. So, I called up FC Locksmith and they sent a specialist round. Not only did he open my car up with ease, he also reprogrammed the key. I have no problem getting into the car now. Nice one. ”

Ivan. M

” My wife and I had the misfortune to be burgled last month. The culprits made their way in through our UPVC door, which I thought was fairly safe. Turns out I was wrong. On the advice of the police, we called in a locksmith. We chose FC Locksmith Toronto as they were recommended by a neighbor. The locksmith fitted entirely new locks for us, including an extra security deadbolt. He even took the time to check the locks throughout the house. My wife and I feel safe again. We can’t recommend FC Locksmith enough. They really helped us out in our time of need. ”


” I somehow managed to snap my office key while opening the door. Don’t ask me how. I guess I must be stronger than I thought. Anyway, I went to the building manager and for some reason or another he didn’t have a spare. In the end I called up FC Locksmith. They sent a locksmith over within the hour and he managed to cut me a duplicate key right out of the back of his truck. Simple. I totally recommend FC Locksmith. ”

Rachel Tedesco

” A couple of days ago I got locked out of my home just off of Moss Park. I was in a rush to go out and I forgot my keys on the kitchen counter. It was the middle of the night and I was absolutely petrified with fear and nearly frozen through. Thankfully, the good people at FC Locksmith call center answered my call and had a technician out to me in minutes. ”

Mark Guilden

” I locked my key inside my car the other morning while warming it up for my morning drive. I couldn’t believe it! Not only did I lock the car keys in the car but my house keys as well. Luckily I had my cell phone and I found FC Locksmith online. They were great! It just so happened that they had a technician close by and they had me on my way in minutes. ”

Darren Schlock

” I cannot thank the people at FC Locksmith enough! I was having problems opening my front door. I guess I might have applied a tad too much pressure on the key and it just snapped. My wife and I were expecting company and had I not gotten everything ready, I would have been in real trouble. FC Locksmith had someone at my home in 15 minutes and had the door open and lock repaired in minutes. Thanks FC, you really saved me! ”

Solomon Judge

” FC Locksmith are the greatest! I just broke up with my boyfriend who was very possessive. I needed a locksmith to come to change my locks and just look around and make sure that the windows and everything were secure. I called them and they were just wonderful. They had someone over my place in no time. The locksmith was very understanding and just took care of everything and made me feel safe. ”

Hen Lavigne

” We found ourselves in need of a locksmith when a couple of houses in the neighborhood were burglarized. Friends recommended FC Locksmith so I had my husband call them up. They were absolutely fantastic. They had a technician come in the evening after we put the kids down. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything to us. He ended up changing the lock on our back door and set us up with a CCTV system that was perfect for our budget. ”

Martha Chang

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