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Change the Lock, Don’t Replace the Key

Lock ChangeWhat will you do if your house keys get lost? Most people would simply replace them. Is this the prudent thing to do? The bad news is that many people fail to understand the real purposes of several locksmith services. They have the key replaced instead of changing it. There are reasons for doing one thing and different reasons for doing the other.

We often also make the mistake to replace the key when it doesn’t fit well in the lock! It seems to be the easiest and cheapest way out of a problem. Though, the question raised is whether this is the right decision and whether key replacement is the remedy of all problems. Most definitely, the key must be replaced in many occasions but you must also consider security matters before you decide whether this is the solution to your problem or just ask the opinion of the experts at FC Locksmith.

Having the key replaced when it’s lost is a tragic mistake. Have you ever considered that the key might be stolen? Even if you truly lost it or forgot it somewhere, you can never be sure whether someone has taken it and has followed you to gain access to your premises. In such cases, the simplest thing to do is key change. This means that the original key won’t be replaced but a new one will be cut and the lock will be rekeyed.

Don’t forget to repair the locks

The first reaction when we put the key in the door locks and doesn’t fit well is to think that it must be replaced. Have you ever thought of the possibility that it’s not the key’s fault but of the lock? Anything can block the entrance of the key. The greatest security locks in the world would still get dirty or eventually need lubrication. In some cases, lock repair will be essential, too. When the cylinder is loose and the key just rotates without locking, you just have to make sure the inner parts of the lock must be repaired.

key Change

Often the key won’t enter the lock due to lock damage. It might not lock due to strike plate misalignment or door issues. There are many more reasons why a key won’t do its job and it’s not always the key’s wrong doing. You need to consider the other options as well; otherwise, you will replace the key for nothing. The problem will continue and you won’t know how to secure your home or how to open the door.

Certainly, the key ought to be replaced when there are distortions or when it is bend and definitely when it is broken. Any real problem with the key calls for its replacement. Though, it must not put your security at stake. Either the lock or the key will have problems when the door doesn’t open or doesn’t lock. The secret is to find the real suspect before you jump in conclusions and make the wrong decisions!

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