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Is Your Home Secure Enough for Your Children?

happy-kids1Homes are each family’s harbor! But are we sure that there’re no dangers for the little ones around the house? When our two-member family becomes three and four-member family and our children start growing, we tend to cover the plugs, cover the corners of the tables and put the bleach in the highest cabinet. Are you sure the kids won’t reach it? These little monkeys climb on chairs, kitchen counters, bookcases – you name it. Their world starts within the house but they wouldn’t mind taking a look outside, too. Is the door locked? Do you keep the keys at the back of the door? Read More

How to Choose the Right Lock

LockinstallWhile it’s fair to say that any new lock installation will increase security, choosing any lock is just not right. There is too much involved to just pick any lock from the shelf. Replacing the old lock is wise because overtime locks become rusty and dust builds up to the point that you can’t use the key with ease anymore. But the point of lock replacement is to get a product, which is even more reliable than the previous one. And that’s also a good reason for changing the lock in the first place. New locks are often more durable and resistant and hence reliable. But not all locks are created equal. And there is no one lock fits all doors. Read More

We Kindly Remind You to Change Your Locks

lock change Things, which lock, have some value to you. In other words, they need good locks. When it comes to the security of the entire house or company in Toronto, the need for high security locks increases! The quality of locks will determine their resistance against attempted break-ins, ensure their long-lasting and fill you with confidence. Though, you must never fail to forget that the greatest bolt would need some maintenance in the long run. Lock repair takes care of problems related to the mechanism, cylinder or strike plate. It’s also critical to change the locks when repairs are not enough, the locks are old or there is need to reinforce further the security of the property. Read More

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