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How to Prevent Lock Problems in the Winter

frozen car door lockWinter does not come free of problems. Though, each problem does not have the same level of seriousness. When it comes to door locks, matters are critical since they are associated with one’s security. Winter snow is marvelous to look at but not so friendly with locks. In this case, knowledge really becomes a great tool for the prevention of problems.

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Change the Lock, Don’t Replace the Key

Lock ChangeWhat will you do if your house keys get lost? Most people would simply replace them. Is this the prudent thing to do? The bad news is that many people fail to understand the real purposes of several locksmith services. They have the key replaced instead of changing it. There are reasons for doing one thing and different reasons for doing the other.

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How Much Do You Value Your Security?

home locksOfficial statistics prove that we don’t always manage to prevent home invasions and car thefts since property crime rates are still high. The question is: do intruders get smarter or we don’t do enough for our security? With our good locksmith Toronto services, the plethora of lock systems, abundance in supplementary security devices and everyday caution, what are people doing wrong? The truth is that we often fall into the trap of being too reassured about our home security.

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How Can You Lose Keys Without Having One?

electronic card lockIf you keep losing your keys, let them get lost once and for all! Who needs them anyway today! Isn’t it funny talking to a high tech cell, keeping a new generation laptop in your hands and holding conventional keys! Isn’t it time to look at the good things new technology has brought to our doorstep and forget about problems resulting from lost house keys? Conventional locks are great but electronic keyless ones are greater! So, why settle with the best when you can have the optimum?

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Do You Know When Key Change Is Needed?

key ChangeSimply put, key change will be needed when a brand new key is required for your doors. Since keys play a major role to the security of your house, making the right decision about them is crucial. Are you sure you need to change the key or you merely need key replacement? These are similar, yet different locksmith terms but each will serve a different need and purpose.

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