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Burglars always looking for the weak spot

treehomeWhen the sun comes down and darkness covers the entire GTA, some people are startled to the smallest sound while others feel confident within their homes. Is it the lack of the light which makes us jump every time we hear a noise out of our front door? And how about the people, who feel reassured about their home security! Are they relaxed because they have good security locks?

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How to Ensure Locks will Work This Winter

frozen door lockWhen it comes to door locks, people are usually confronted with two major problems. The first one regards the possibility of burglaries. The second one is related with the effects of the cold weather on locks. If you think about it, these two problems are also interconnected. If locks are damaged, the house will be more vulnerable to burglars. So, you need to make sure winter security door locks issues are solved before they even pop.

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Home Security Tips for Christmas

Security tips for christmasYou don’t have to go far to tempt thieves entering your home during Christmas. You can tempt them even by going to the mall or visiting friends for dinner! Instead of talking about Christmas carols, decorations and wishes, we lately talk about Christmas crime and how to avoid it. You have to keep in mind one thing: burglars know that this holiday season you are going to buy new stuff for the house and your family and they try to take advantage of it.

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