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Why Panic Bar Repair Cannot Afford Any Delays

Panic BarPanic bars can easily let panic set in if they break down. And that’s natural. Panic bars or crash bars or push bars are usually installed in emergency exits. If there is a fire and people cannot push to open the door, they will be trapped inside. At the very least, chaos will settle in and that’s often the worst thing that can happen during emergencies.

And what’s the issue here? You may ask. ‘If there is a problem, we’ll call a locksmith to fix it’. That’s absolutely right, we respond. As long as you realize there is a problem.

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Are Keyless Locks the Right Security Solution for You?

Keyless LocksWhen it’s time for new lock installation, considering getting a keyless entry system is not a bad idea at all. Actually, it’s the best solution to multiple cases. When it comes to locks, your lifestyle, age, and habits all play a role in your decisions. If a conventional lock & key works for you, there is no argument there. But let us just say that keyless locks are technologically advanced and that means their benefits outnumber their drawbacks. Read More

Automatic Handicap Doors Can Make Your Life Easy

handicap door openerMoving in a wheelchair due to disabilities, accidents, or old age can make access difficult. That’s where automatic handicap doors come in to untie your hands. Such doors work with openers, which can be easily installed either in residential or commercial properties. There are choices for external and internal doors and can be combined with electric strikes. You can find several models from different brands and gain complete independence.

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What Are Magnetic Locks and Why Choose Them Over Standard Locks?

magnetic Door-lockThere are many different types of locks on the market today. Many people seem happy with standard locks. These are good products, but there is another strong security option out there. Today we are going to talk about magnetic locks and why you should choose them over standard locks. Before you can make a good choice; you need to know more about this special type. Read More

Electronic Lock Installation

electronic lockDo you still rely on old-fashioned locks to secure your home or business? Is that working for you or are you considering a new form of access control? Today we are going to talk about the electronic lock installation process. You would be surprised how many residential and commercial locations are going keyless. The right locks can enhance security. However, if they are installed properly, they are useless. Choosing the right access control system and the right person to install it is very important. Read More

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