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Care and Safety Tips for Your Christmas Tree

For millions of families around Canada, choosing and decorating their Christmas trees is a cherished holiday tradition.

christmastreepicFollow these care and safety tips and insure that your tree looks great and your family remains safe throughout the holiday season.

Properly cared for and secured; your Christmas tree is sure to be the focal point for great joy for your family and friends throughout the Christmas season. It is important to remember; however, that a live Christmas tree can be quite hazardous if not cared for properly, set in the wrong location or if the lighting and decorations are in a state of disarray.

The first thing to remember when buying a tree for Christmas is to buy a healthy tree. If you notice a lot of browning in the needles or if it seems a bit droopy then move on. Your Christmas tree will have to hang in there for a good number of weeks and you want it looking good and not shedding needles all over the place not to mention the fact that dry pine needles are extremely flammable.

When looking for the perfect place for your tree, keep in mind that it should be at least a meter away from any fireplaces, wood burning stoves, radiators and other sources of heating. Place your new Christmas tree firmly in its stand and make sure that it is held securely.

Christmas trees require a remarkable amount of water; as much as 5.5 liters of water each day. In order to help your tree get the water it needs, we always recommend that you cut a few centimeters off the bottom of your tree before placing it in the stand. This will help your tree absorb water more easily. The important thing to remember is that there should always be water in the stand. If the tree is left without water, sap could harden on the cut part of the tree which will restrict water intake.

When it comes to Christmas lights and decorations; this is where we must be most vigilant:

* Christmas lights and decorations can be heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. It is important to check all lights, new and old, for any signs of damage before you put them on your tree.

* Try and avoid using candles on your trees. If there is some kind of traditional decoration involving a candle that you absolutely cannot do without them, at the very least, never leave it unattended.

* Be smart when it comes to electricity and wiring. Overloading outlets or extension cords could start a fire.

* Avoid having electrical cords where people can easily trip over them.

* Don’t forget to turn off all of the lights before you leave the house or go to bed.

Most importantly…have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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