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Car Lockout: Do You Have Door Opening Options?

carlockout1Once upon a time, people would use a simple hanger to open the locked car door. Today, such methods are outdated because car locks and keys are updated. A car lockout will be a terrible hassle even if you are not in a hurry or in any danger. No disagreement there! But trying to tamper with the lock of a new age vehicle is a mistake. What you will accomplish is to ruin the mechanism. And that’s because car locks today are high end systems and require the assistance of knowledgeable car locksmiths.

Car locks and keys are complex

Nowadays, most people use a fob to open and lock the car. But not all key less entry systems are the same. Although most of them open and secure the vehicle remotely, some would also start the car. And these are known as remote key less ignition systems.

As far as car keys are concerned, most of them are transponders. Some of them include aauto-locksmith1 fob and some don’t. But they all include a chip, which sends signals to the main control unit of the car. As soon as the vehicle’s computer gets the right message, it responds back by allowing the car to open and the engine to start. What’s particular about such modern systems is that each key is programmed to work with only one specific car.

And so the car locks are complex. They are the improved version of the first power locks. They have a unique radio frequency system for remote control and a special device installed near the ignition switch. Some keys are smart. What they do is allow the driver to keep the key in the pocket and still open, lock, and start the car.

So when you are locked out of the car, you actually have to confront a master mind. Car locks and keys are extremely intelligent today and since they are electronic systems, they are highly complicated. Any interference could create chaos to the system. And that’s not what you want since car lock repair can cost a lot.

So what caused your auto lockout?

  • Did you forget the key in the office? Did you lock it in the trunk? Even if you manage to open the door, the car won’t start without the right key.
  • You will have the same problem if the key is damaged. Even if the door opens, the engine won’t start without the right key signal.
  • Was the key stolen? What you should do is call a mobile locksmith to see if he can rekey the lock and make you a different key.

auto-locksmithIn whichever situation you find yourself in, attempting to open the car is not wise. Since in most circumstances the problem begins with the key, you must solve this issue first. In a different case, you have nothing to gain by opening the car since you won’t be able to drive. And it’s not worth damaging the system and paying for auto lock change just to warm up during the cold days.

What you should do other than keeping your car key safe? Keeping an extra key in your pocket or bag. And always have the number of a local auto locksmith handy in case you need door opening.

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