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Burglars Often Access Homes Through The Garage

Not only do garages contain some of our most expensive possessions, not only can our homes be accessed; they are often the most neglected part of homes when it comes to security.

Unfortunately, this little tidbit hasn’t escaped the attention of burglars throughout Canada.

2-houseparkinggarageGaining entry to a home via an attached garage is one of the most popular modus operandi amongst burglars and thieves today. This is due to the simple fact that it is generally the weakest point of entry into the home.

Think for a second about your garage and what you have in there. A car, maybe two; power tools; gardening equipment; bicycles; storage; etc. This should be enough to pay special attention to this area of one’s home. Compound this with the fact that once inside a garage, a burglar can enter your home and clean you out at their leisure.

First and foremost, make sure that you have a home security system and make sure that your garage doors are covered. Garages will often have a backdoor that is generally ignored. Make sure that this door is locked and that you install some kind of lighting.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to leave the door separating the house from the garage unlocked; the thinking being that the garage door being closed is enough. Burglars will often target cars in parking lots. They’ll bust a window, grab the garage door opener and find your address off the vehicle registration or mail on the floor. Play it safe and keep this door closed and make sure that that it has an appropriate lock that is…locked.

If you have any questions regarding your garage’s security or any aspect of security then give us a call. FC Locksmith provides top-notch locksmith and security services to Toronto and the GTA

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