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Benefits of Master Key System

A master key is a key which has been designed so that it can open a number of locks – whereas a ‘change key’ can only open one of the locks within this set. Having a master key system is convenient because you only need one key for several locks and won’t be weighed down by a ton of keys, like an old-fashioned jailor.

Having a master key which can open any number of different locks is of obvious use to landlords, who are required to have access to all the locks relating to their different tenants. Or of an office manager who needs to access all the rooms in the office building. Master key systems are also highly useful for instances when maintenance personnel e.g. cleaners and contractors need to access a property which has many locked rooms – rather than having to run the security risk of handing out lots of keys to open all the rooms – one key can access all areas.

In master re-keying, FC Locksmith can reconfigure locks so that a single key can open all the locks, but the individual locks are still operable with a personal key which can only open that lock. This means that only the person who owns the master key can open all the locks – yet allows each individual tenant or allocated member of staff – the ability to access areas which they are responsible for. This makes sense from a security point of view with only a limited number of persons having access to the master key.

Another advantage of master rekeying is that additional locks can be added to the home or property without having to have new keys made. Plus master re-keying is also a hassle-free and inexpensive procedure to have done, since you don’t have to invest in new hardware. All that is required is for one of our skilled technicians at FC Locksmith to reconfigure the pattern of the lock pins so that they patch the pattern of the notches cut into the key.

When buying new locks it makes sense to invest in a set which can be re-keyed so that you can enjoy additional peace of mind. If your home, no doubt like many others in your neighborhood, utilizes locks which can be bought in any local hardware store then, unfortunately, this puts you at a greater risk from burglars. Your locks’ lack of uniqueness means criminals do not have to be particularly skilled in order to work out the lock’s mechanisms -leaving you more open to the threat of a break-in.

For all your master key requirements please call FC Locksmith and we will be happy to discuss options with you and provide you with a non obligatory quote.

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