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Avoid Posting Your Location On Social Media Websites

As thrilled as your friends might be to hear that you are enjoying your two week vacation in the Virgin Islands, burglars are even happier.

Posting to the world that you are on vacation, away on business, or even across town enjoying a tall latte at Starbucks is tantamount to putting an enormous, sign in pastel neon lights on your front lawn that reads “Rob Me Please!”

tree homeOn the surface, location sharing on social media networks appears to be fantastic, especially for the social butterflies amongst us. Your friends can see where you are, what you are doing and pop on over to say “hello” if they are close. The problem isn’t with your friends. You can most likely vouch for your friends. But, can you vouch for your friends’ friends? And what about their friends? But it doesn’t stop there.

If it weren’t for burglars, thieves, kidnappers and the like then location sharing would be fantastic. It is not just useful for sharing your location with friends and family, it also opens up an entire world of commercial opportunities.

I remember when Facebook first introduced location sharing on their network back in 2010. I couldn’t understand who would be interested in what I was up to during the day and now I know…

If you use social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter then it is important be security conscious. Regularly posting your location not only announces to burglars that you aren’t home; it also allows anyone to put together an entire schedule of your daily activities. Avoid sharing your location online. It is OK to post but it is unnecessary to provide the world with a detailed outline of your day. You might be incredibly excited to go skiing for the weekend; just avoid the temptation to post anything about it beforehand or while you are away.

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