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Best Ways to Discourage Burglars and Avoid Home Break-ins

Odd that in spite of the many steps taken in the security sector and decades after the first deadbolt locks, home break-ins constitute a large percentage of domestic crimes in Canada. Of course, no one would expect that the presence of better high-security door locks will mark the end of home burglaries. But when the percentage of break-ins is high while most homes are equipped with high-tech security systems, it’s strange that most invasions happen just because people don’t lock doors and windows. Read More

Inner Office Security, How to Make the Working Place Safe

Inner Office SecurityNow that we’ve done all we could to ensure cyber safety, it is perhaps time to take a step back and consider the possible physical threats and thus what we can do for inner office security. Workplace violence hasn’t been eliminated just because cybersecurity is today’s prime concern. On the contrary. With all that’s going on – from the global economic recession to the covid, things started getting out of hand. Read More

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