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Mortise vs Cylindrical Locks

Mortise vs Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical and mortise locks are used broadly and overall, both types of locks are great. Of course, we are talking about two different lock types. As such they have different features and consequently, different advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to what you need and what you are looking to find.

To help you understand the differences between the two lock types and thus, decide what you need for your home or business, let’s talk about them. Shall we? Read More

Best Locks for House Front Doors

Best Locks for House Front Doors

Getting good front door locks is all about reinforcing home security and minimizing the possibility of break-ins. Truth be told, if a house is targeted, burglars will find other ways to attempt to break in. After all, the front door is not the only entry/exit point in a house. Right? Consequently, it makes sense to say that all such entry points – both doors and windows, need resistant locks. Because attempting to break in is quite different from actually succeeding in breaking in. And who would mind having to replace locks if damaged by a burglar when their home and everything in it is safe and intact? Read More

Panic Room, Is It Worth It?

Common people – those who are not on the Forbes 500 list or on the world’s most rich & famous list, heard about panic rooms when they watched the homonymous film, starring Jodie Foster. Then, the frantic started. Instead of replacing the old high-security door locks, people started building panic rooms. Of course, building a panic room – aka a safe room, doesn’t come cheap. And if it’s cheap, it won’t protect. And it won’t allow you to stay in the panic room for long since you’ll run out of oxygen. Read More

Window Security, What to Do

Window SecuritySo, what do we do wrong and a substantial percentage of home intrusions happen through windows? I’ll tell you. Most of us disregard windows when it comes to home security.The truth is that most burglars break in through doors. But aren’t windows access points too? Why take chances when you can avoid burglaries? Read More

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