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Are Your Door Locks Affected by the Summer Heat

Nothing is protected under the summer sun! In fact, mechanical locks and keys are tremendously affected and that’s why it is required to protect them from their direct exposure to the sun.

When it comes to security matters, we need to be more observant, inventive and prudent to avoid lockout problems and ensure the security of our properties.

It is not a coincidence that the technicians of FC Locksmith suggest lock repair and key replacement in the summer. It might be the best season but, the effects from the extreme heat may be disastrous. Locksmith services or even consultation of the best methods to avoid problems are valuable for those who treasure their security and put priority to the right protection of their homes.

Deadbolt locks may be affected by the heat

There is a reason door locks installation requires precision and experienced hands. When you insert the key in the lock and twist it, the mechanism is supposed to extend out when the door is locked or retract when the door is being unlocked. When the lock is affected by the heat, you will find resistance and severe problems may lead to inability to lock your home. Sometimes, the lock may be affected by the warping of the wooden door. Most doors are made of wood, which is affected by the heat and humidity of the summer. The enlargement of the door would compromise the accuracy of the lock and the door would stay unlocked.

Your house keys are sensitive

You must keep in mind that keys are mechanical objects, which can be affected by the hot temperatures. Keys never stop suffering in bags, pockets and hands. They are dropped, thrown and used as toys or little tools. Their exposure to the sun will make them suffer more. They can be seriously damaged and distorted and they won’t fit your lock.

Summer locksmith service

Keep your sensitive keys and locks well-protected to avoid security problems. After all, this is the worst period to keep your house unlocked since most home invasions take place during the summer. Knowing the probable problems keeps you one step ahead because you can prevent them from ever taking place. It would be wise to inspect your security door locks well and make sure they lock and unlock properly. If you have wood doors, it would be wise to apply coatings to protect them from moisture and the sun and don’t forget that new locks and keys are even stronger, in case you are considering lock replacement.


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