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Are You Comfortable Using Intelligent Deadbolts?

DeadboltIf it’s almost time to replace locks, the idea of getting smart ones is most likely intriguing. There is no doubt that intelligent locks have already left their infant phase and have been tested and used for several years. Trusted brands, like August, Schlage, Kwikset, Yale and ASSA ABLOY – just to name a few – offer a variety of keyless solutions for both residential and commercial applications. And who can deny the convenience of smart locks? You touch and unlock. Letting in your kid or the plumber can often be done remotely. Not to mention how many key related problems you leave behind – lost keys, broken keys, keys stuck in the lock… But are you ready to use smart locks? Are you comfortable using intelligent deadbolts?

Smart deadbolts come with benefits

If conventional deadbolt installation makes you feel comfortable, why switch to new age systems you know little about? That’s actually a very good reason for sticking to the old style locks. But before you buy new locks, pause for a second and think.

Didn’t you feel this way every time an innovative product was introduced on the market?Dbolt_Thumb Once upon a time, we were frightened by the idea of using the television remote control. Should I remind you how strange was to use the first smartphones or mobile phones for that matter? Now these same phones come to work together with your locks. You tap and open. Can it be simpler? You are probably thinking that simplicity has little to do with your security and it’s the durability and resistance of locks that count. No doubt. The good news from the lock industry is that the biggest the demand the greatest the efforts of more reliable systems and so the better the intelligent locks.

To do justice to smart locks, let us just say that they don’t only lock and open doors. Many of them allow you to check who got in and what time, have alerts, provide you with the opportunity to create digital keys for your visitors, operate remotely, can be connected to smart ecosystems, and send a message when batteries start dying down. Are they flawless? No. Some don’t have all the above features or are not as responsive as you would expect them to be. That’s why choosing a good brand and getting help from a locksmith both help.

Should you get discouraged?

Should you abandon the idea of getting smart locks?

intelligent-door-lockSecond generation intelligent locks are not only improved but many of them also provide physical methods of locking and unlocking the door. That’s a relief. But still you need to consider if you feel comfortable with smart lock installation.

One of the first things to consider is your relationship with new technology. If it’s poor, it’s better to stick to regular locks & keys. But if you are a tech fan, a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled lock will be right for you. And then it’s a matter of how much money you want to spend. Smart locks are more expensive than conventional ones. Check your door. If you have to push to lock, you will have to change the door before you change locks.

And one last thing: intelligent locks will make your life a lot easier but will offer the same level of security as the conventional deadbolts. So if you are simply looking for higher security and don’t care about convenience, get regular deadbolts.

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