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Are Keyless Locks the Right Security Solution for You?

Keyless LocksWhen it’s time for new lock installation, considering getting a keyless entry system is not a bad idea at all. Actually, it’s the best solution to multiple cases. When it comes to locks, your lifestyle, age, and habits all play a role in your decisions. If a conventional lock & key works for you, there is no argument there. But let us just say that keyless locks are technologically advanced and that means their benefits outnumber their drawbacks.


In order to decide whether keyless door locks are the right choice for you, consider their pros and cons.

The advantages of keyless locks

  • There is no doubt that one of the reasons for keyless locks growing in popularity is their convenience. You just enter a code and the door opens. You close the door and it automatically locks. The common scenario of reaching the office still wondering whether you locked the house or not falls into oblivion.
  • Part of the convenience is that there is not a need for a key. So no key damage or broken keys! No house lockouts! Children don’t have to carry keys around. You won’t need to carry a huge key chain either. The absence of keys doesn’t only eliminate key related problems but also extra expenses on key replacement or duplication.
  • Since keyless locks only need a code, they help businesses have better control of who has access to which areas in the office. Some high-end locks allow you to program them to remain locked for a certain number of hours. And then employees will be given access to only the areas they are allowed to go.
  • On top of that, codes change easily. If unauthorized people get the code of a room, you don’t need lock change or rekey. You simply change the code.
  • And don’t forget that some of them are smart. They can be connected to your smartphone. Since there are all sorts of models, you can get keyless entry systems that operate with a card and code – that’s for extra security.
  • They are waterproof, often illuminated, and beautiful – that’s for your design concerns.
  • Of course, they increase a lot the levels of security. If you use complex codes and change them regularly, nobody will have access to your property. And they can be set to alert authorities if a wrong code has been used repeatedly.

Will the keyless entry systems disadvantages keep you from installing them?

One of the main concerns is still the possibility of a house or office lockout. What if youElectronic Locks forget the PIN? What if there is a power failure? The bad news is that such headaches can be real problems. But we also have good news for you. There are solutions to such problems. Remember that there are variations among keyless locks. You can get one that operates with a code but also a key. You can get locks that operate with batteries – although you will still need to charge them. And don’t forget that we use so many passwords today, it’s totally natural to forget the code of your front door. But you can write it down.

There is always a price to pay. Whether you get mechanical high security locks or keyless systems, you will always have to deal with some concerns or take measures. But keyless locks keep getting better, come out in a variety to meet most needs, and their pros outnumber their cons.

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