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Are High-Tech Door Locks for You?

High-Tech Door LocksWhen high security locks stopped being operated with keys, we all started asking questions. Is it safe to get electric locks? And which ones should we get? Which are the main differences between them? Do we forget about security concerns with digital lock installation? The list of questions can go on and on. But one thing you should know is that there are no fixed answers to all these questions. That’s because what’s safe and convenient for me won’t necessary be for you. Although we all talk about main doors, which need resistant locks, the expectations and needs of each property are different.

Which are the main high-tech door locks

Keypad locks – These are the very first types of electric locks. They are still popular Bluetooth locksalthough the latest models include a touchscreen instead of keypad. But the logic is the same. You need to enter a pin to get access.

Bluetooth locks – When you approach the locked door, your smartphone gets connected to the lock via Bluetooth and opens the door for you.

Fingerprint locks – These are known as biometrics since they need your fingerprint to unlock the door.

Wi-Fi enabled locks – The lock connects to the WiFi router to unlock the door.

RFID systems – Radio Frequency Identification locks utilize a card or fob for entry. Using a fob is much easier since you don’t have to remove it from your pocket to unlock the door.

How familiar you are with new technology?

In order to decide whether or not you should invest in mechanical lock replacement with an electric lock, think of how savvy you are when it comes to high tech products. If you know nothing about them and are struggling with the idea of even understanding how biometrics work, it’s best to stick to a regular deadbolt installation instead. Since some keypad locks also operate with a key, you can start from there and take it one step at a time.

Not all electric door locks are better than mechanical ones

high-tech-locksThere are differences between electric door locks just like there are differences between properties. For example, a biometric might be the right solution for a commercial property or internal usage but not the ideal lock for residences. Sometimes, a regular keyed lock can offer higher security. It depends on its grade as well. Extra durable and resistant locks certified by ANSI can provide the expected security even if they are mechanical.

As a professional locksmith would say, the level of security doesn’t depend only on the types of locks you choose. It also has to do with the combination of locks and thief deterrents. Burglars are often driven away when there are security cameras and not due to locks. Of course, if they try to open the door, it would be good to find resistance. And here’s where the significance of lock repair, maintenance and installation comes in. Installed the wrong way or failing to fix problems and someone might get access to your property even if you have high tech digital locks.

Some electric locks will notify you when there is a problem or need to replace batteries, but some will not be operable during a power outage. In other words, electric locks have their problems too. And they are far more expensive too. Progress in the industry is fast and high tech locks might be great for those familiar with the new technology. But if it’s easier for you to operate your door locks with a regular key, don’t go keyless just yet. Just make sure you get resistant locks.

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