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Are Deadbolts Good for All Doors?

DeadboltDeadbolts – aka deadlocks, are broadly used as front door locks. But are they reserved only for front doors or should be used elsewhere too?

Well, when we think of our front doors and the best ways to reinforce home security, we think of deadbolts. Right? That’s because deadbolts are particularly resistant, especially when compared to other conventional locks, and nowadays are found in a range of options. So, let’s talk about deadbolts and let’s see if these locking mechanisms are good only for front doors. Should we start with the obvious question?

What is a deadbolt lock?

Deadbolts are springless locks – although there are tiny springs in the cylinder allowing the lock’s pins to move and align as the correct key is inserted into the keyhole. That’s how deadbolts work, anyway. When the correct key is put into the lock, the microscopic pins found inside the cylinder align to make room for the key and allow it to move all the way into the lock and then turn. The pins align because their configuration matches the key’s grooves and notches. Now, when the key is turned, the bolt of the deadlock moves in or out of the strike plate – depending on whether the door is being locked or unlocked. If the wrong key is attempted to be placed into the lock, the pins won’t align because the grooves and notches will be different. That’s one way of securing the door and preventing burglaries.

Types of deadbolt locksDeadbolts

Not all deadbolt locks are the same. There are variations to serve different needs. This also shows that deadbolts are made to be used in several applications. Let’s see.

  • Single cylinder deadbolts are the most broadly used types. Such locks are key-operated only on one side of the door.
  • Double cylinder deadbolt locks have keyholes on both sides of the door. Naturally, such locks offer higher security but are often considered a hazard and in some parts are prohibited to be used at homes since they won’t allow for easy egress should there be an emergency.
  • Electronic deadbolts are operated with a key but also feature a keypad or touchscreen. They are non-connected locks but can be programmed to be operated with unique and easy-to-change codes. Some keyless models operate with cards.
  • Smart deadbolt locks are WiFi connected and allow you to use them from anywhere, check the door lock’s status, and access the log.
  • Exit-only function deadbolts have no external cylinder and are mainly used in public buildings. These types lock from the outside and usually have a panic bar inside that enables fast evacuation if needed.
  • Classroom-style deadbolts are broadly used in schools. They have a thumb turn inside should there be a need to quickly evacuate.
  • Vertical deadbolts attach to the top doorframe instead of the side and so, are harder to break.

Are deadbolt locks good only for front doors?

If you consider the variety of deadbolts, it’s easy to understand that they are used in hotels, homes, schools, firms, and public buildings. Now what all these cases have in common is their need for high-security locks. And that’s where deadbolts come to make a difference.

Of course, to ensure higher security, deadbolts are installed in conjunction with other locking mechanisms. But if you notice, all deadbolt installation applications are high-risk. And so, what we conclude is that deadbolts are not used inside the house but they are used to secure hotel rooms, which serve as short-term rentals. They are not bedroom locks but they would be an excellent choice for doors that must restrict areas.

If we consider our needs at home, we should realize that deadbolts are great not only for the front door but also for the side door and the back door. It’s equally important to install a deadbolt lock on the door leading to the garage. Don’t forget that many break-ins happen through the garage and a deadbolt will keep the intruders from opening the door leading to the main house. At the very least, it will stall them and make their lives difficult.

Like all other locks, deadbolts are tested and accordingly certified by ANSI. Since all deadbolt applications are about reinforcing security, it’s best to choose grade 1 locks.

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