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Always Change Your Locks When Moving Into a New Home

If there was a Ten Commandments of home security then number one would undoubtedly be

If there was a Ten Commandments of home security then number one would undoubtedly be “Thou must change thy locks when thou move to a new home; house or apartment, owned or rented.” Just take a moment and think about the average rental apartment in an older building. How many people do you think have passed through it in the past 15 or 20 years? How many people do you think that they gave keys to? You are probably seeing where this is going.

keysAll joking aside, it really is critical that you change your locks whenever moving into a home or apartment. The best way to grasp the urgency of the matter is to think in terms of yourself; how many people have the key to your home? Obviously, all of the occupants of the property will have the keys. Have you given a copy of your keys to some of your friends and family? Have you had any contractors do any work in your home? What about housekeepers or babysitters? If an apartment changes hands five times without ever having the locks changed then there could conservatively be as many as 25 different people with keys. You might be able to vouch for the people in your life; however, can you vouch for 5 random occupants, or group of occupants, that passed through a property and all of the people in their lives?

If you are new to a space and have yet to change the locks then call a locksmith immediately and have them come and take a look. They will most likely just have to change out the cylinder, as long as the lock is a current model and in good operating order.

You should talk to your locksmith about locking systems that require authorization for key duplication. A “do not duplicate” sticker on a key will not stop everyone from duplicating them but the truth of the matter is that it does make it that much harder and adds an additional layer of security to your home.

If you have just entered a new property in the Greater Toronto Area then give us a call. Our call center is open 24/7 and we will have a licensed and insured professional locksmith to your location at your earliest convenience.

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