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3 Most Common Entry Points for Burglars

Your home needs to be a place where you feel safe. If your safety is compromised in any way, your ability to feel comfortable in your home is taken away.

You need to be able to fully protect your valuables and your family from burglars. That means that you need to protect the most common entry points that burglars exploit.

Where Do Burglars Target?


Your windows are often the weakest points in your home. Most windows are built with flimsy glass that can be broken or opened fairly easily with a few tools. Often these windows will be on the ground floor on a hidden side of the home, which may prevent you, or others from noticing an unlawful entry.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a very similar weak point. There are several reasons that these doors are weak spots. They are often left unlocked or in a hidden area of the property. They are also just as weak as windows with a larger surface area. Anyone with a sliding glass door and no additional security puts their property at risk.

Garage Doors

All doors have some risk, because a burglar that gets ahold of your lock or exploits a weak door can enter your home easily. But garage doors are especially at risk, because they are not only an easier entry point into your home – they are also used for storage of valuables. Burglars may not even need to enter your home – everything they need may be in your garage.

Additional Security

Burglars look for homes that have weak spots to exploit. That is why it is important for you to take additional security measures that protect your weak spots so that burglars will both be unable to break in and will look for properties elsewhere. Call FC Locksmith to find out more about additional security measures.

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