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3 Door Lock Problems You Should NOT Overlook

3 Door Lock ProblemsThe whole idea of investing in high security locks in the first place is to avoid burglaries and go to bed without a single worry in your mind. But things go wrong even with the most resistant door locks on the market. And the reasons for home door lock problems are not limited to one. They rather extend from normal wear to burglary attempts and external conditions, like dust and freezing temperatures. And so, we have established one thing here: problems with house locks do happen.

Naturally, when we are dealing with broken locks and keys and similar urgent situations, the solution is narrowed down to one: find a locksmith. Who wouldn’t want the broken lock repaired in no time should there’s serious damage? The truth is that everyone has the locks fixed when they deal with severe troubles. The question at this point is whether or not we pay attention to smaller glitches that don’t affect our security at the moment but will do so if we ignore them. And we give you 3 common door lock problems you shouldn’t overlook if you don’t want to face urgent security concerns in the near future.

1. Door Lock Won’t Latch

This is what we call misaligned door locks. Now, if the high securityDoor Lock Won’t Latch deadbolt is completely misaligned, the door won’t close properly and so it won’t lock properly either. Since this is a serious matter, it is also handled quickly. But what if you have to put some efforts to force the latch into the strike plate? Then you will feel that you are all set. Problem solved. One push and the door is locked. Right? Wrong. That will happen a few times before the door lock won’t align with the strike plate at all and thus won’t lock. If emergency locksmith service is the last thing you want, have the problem fixed before it’s too late.

2. Key Turns with Difficulty

Key Turns with DifficultyLocks open when the key is in good condition. And vice-versa. The key opens the door when there’s no problem with the lock. The normal thing to do is to enter the key in the lock, turn it, and open or lock the door. If you encounter any resistance during this process, there’s a problem with either the key or the lock. Will you need lock or key replacement? That’s usually easy to tell. You just need to look a little closer at your key. If it’s rusty, bent, or its grooves are damaged, it’s a key problem. If it looks okay, you need lock repair. What will happen if you ignore the problem? The key will most likely break when you turn it and then you’ll be locked out or locked in.

3. Loose Door Locks & Knobs

Door locks stay in place thanks to their fasteners. When these littleLoose Door Locks & Knobs components get loose so do the locks and knobs. The problem might be a bit more serious too. After all, door locks consist of several tiny parts and their wear will mark the beginning of your problems. This is the last thing you want, especially if it concerns the main door of the house. Although you can still open and lock the door, don’t let appearances deceive you. First of all, you cannot be sure about the extent of the problem. And then, a small problem today might lead to a house lockout tomorrow.

3 Reasons why lock repair is a must

Even if the problem with the high security door locks seems to be small, it may turn out to be a frightening concern in no time. Do you want some motivation to have the lock problems fixed before matters get out of hand? Here you go:

  • Lock problems make burglaries easier.
  • The simplest issue might keep you from going out fast in the event of an emergency.
  • Symptoms of small glitches often indicate underlying problems serious enough to demand further action, like lock replacement.
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