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How to Choose the Best Locking Mailbox for You

locking_postWhen it’s time for mailbox locks replacement, check out the box too. Having a good lock securing a rusty or damaged mail box is not the best idea. And vice versa. Getting a new letter box without a proper locking system is not wise either. These days, we do most things online (chat with friends, pay bills etc.). Does that diminish the importance of the traditional mailboxes? Well, maybe just a little bit. But as long as you have a mail box mounted on your home door or placed in your curb, keep it safe.

Change the mailbox & lock to avoid identity theft

You might be frustrated if someone steals your subscribed magazine but missing locking-mailboxdocuments that will provide thieves your personal data is an entirely different matter. According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, nearly 10 million Americans became victims of identity theft just in one year. And although mailboxes are not the only responsible sources of identity crime, their condition plays a huge part in preventing such situations.

When it comes to mailbox security, it’s vital to pick up your mail as often as possible and avoid leaving it in the letter box over long periods of time. On top of that, it’s imperative to have a resistant mailbox and a high security lock.

It’s most likely clear why you need the best possible locks. The right product will deter mail box lock picking. Why a reinforced mailbox is required too? Because they are often vandalized.

How to avoid mailbox lock picking & thus identity theft?

  • Pick the right products (mailbox & lock) and an expert in mail box lock installation too.
  • Make sure the mailbox is made of resistant materials that will not only stand the test of time but withstand vandalism too.

What will constitute a resistant to vandalism mailbox? Get a mailbox made of sturdy materials but durable brackets too. If it’s mounted on a wood post, make sure the wood post is strong too.

  • Discourage potential thieves by installing CCTV cameras around the area of the mailbox. This way, you can deter crime or have evidence of a crime committed – that’s because vandalizing a mailbox is considered a crime.
Extra tips on how to choose locking mailboxes
  • Always take into account the weather conditions to get resistant materials. It’s not only a matter of avoiding vandalism but corrosion too. Stainless steel is perhaps the option because it is sturdy and rust-free. You also get options between plastic or aluminum materials which are also resistant to elements but not very durable. Wood is lovely but it will eventually warp unless you maintain it. Brass is another sturdy material but the greenish color it gets over the years might match your home style but will make the mailbox look neglected – and you don’t want that.
  • Consider the ingoing mail. If you receive only letters or even magazines, you need a plain design and regular size with a slot. But if you get plenty of magazines or shop online and thus receive packages, get a rather big mailbox. You will also need a large box if you go out of town a lot and thus are not able to pick the mail daily.
  • When you pick locks, consider if you are the only one opening the mailbox to get the number of keys needed for your family.
  • If the mailbox is attached to your door, get a product which opens from the back. You don’t have to open the door to get the mail (and this might save you from a house lockout too).
  • As for the locks, you can get a typical device in a busy and quiet neighborhood but if your house is located in a remote area, prefer bolts which lock at two or three different points.
  • Always turn to a locksmith to replace and install the locking mailbox to have peace of mind.

No matter what size mailbox you choose, make sure it locks well and the keys are in excellent condition. There is no doubt that the best products cost more but they are totally worth it since identity fraud happens every day and this is exactly what you want to avoid.

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