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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Zoom-in to Check the Benefits of CCTV Cameras

security cameraUp until recently, CCTV cameras were featured only in posh neighborhoods and large businesses. But today, more and more properties invest in CCTV systems. And there is always a good reason for the increased growth in closed-circuit television systems demand. The truth is that such systems are excellent thief deterrents. Due to the high demand, there is also a great variety of options, ranging from simple analog and HD systems to IP cameras. Read More

The Advantages of Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry SystemsTelephone entry systems can be installed at commercial properties, gated communities, large apartment buildings, offices, family homes, or condominium complexes. There is no limit. And that’s actually one of their greatest benefits. Each and every property can benefit from such systems.

Traditionally, such intercom systems served as the means to communicate with visitors. Although they still serve this same purpose, they are updated to meet the requirements of everyone. And so you can find them in a range of options depending on the building’s requirements and personal needs. Read More

Are Keyless Locks the Right Security Solution for You?

Keyless LocksWhen it’s time for new lock installation, considering getting a keyless entry system is not a bad idea at all. Actually, it’s the best solution to multiple cases. When it comes to locks, your lifestyle, age, and habits all play a role in your decisions. If a conventional lock & key works for you, there is no argument there. But let us just say that keyless locks are technologically advanced and that means their benefits outnumber their drawbacks. Read More

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