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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Most Common Car Key Problems

Who pays attention to the ignition car key till it’s too late? Too late for what, you ask? Too late to do anything about a problem, which keeps you from opening the car door or starting the vehicle. And that can be a drag. It might often be a nightmare. Can you imagine having your child locked inside the car with no keys to open the door? It can turn into a tragedy! Not to mention that car key problems can keep you from getting to your work on time, miss another important appointment, or remain in a remote location all alone. Not good at all! So, one thing is certain: any problem with the transponder key will make your life a tad more difficult. Read More

How to Choose the Right Lock

LockinstallWhile it’s fair to say that any new lock installation will increase security, choosing any lock is just not right. There is too much involved to just pick any lock from the shelf. Replacing the old lock is wise because overtime locks become rusty and dust builds up to the point that you can’t use the key with ease anymore. But the point of lock replacement is to get a product, which is even more reliable than the previous one. And that’s also a good reason for changing the lock in the first place. New locks are often more durable and resistant and hence reliable. But not all locks are created equal. And there is no one lock fits all doors. Read More

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