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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Do You Know When Key Change Is Needed?

key ChangeSimply put, key change will be needed when a brand new key is required for your doors. Since keys play a major role to the security of your house, making the right decision about them is crucial. Are you sure you need to change the key or you merely need key replacement? These are similar, yet different locksmith terms but each will serve a different need and purpose.

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Are Electronic Locks Smart Enough?

electronic locksDid you sense the bedroom lights flashing in the middle of the night? There is nothing wrong with your lamps but simply a warning that someone is breaking in your house right now. Electric devices talk to each other in smart homes and if being warned by an alarm about leaving your refrigerator open doesn’t interest you, you might want to know that your bedroom flatscreen will be turned on in silent sound when perpetrators are lock picking your front door.

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