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Locksmith Toronto

FC Locksmith is a leading, well-organized and highly prepared contractor equipped and staffed to provide immediate services, 24 hour technical support and prevent problems with exceptional locksmith services. We assure our clients that all equipment is checked, tried out and suitable to assist our trained teams for every service. We are definitely a 21st century company, which may still treasure the traditional values of consistency, honesty and true professionalism, but keeps the doors open to the novelties provided by the lock industry.

After all, we are called to serve the people of Toronto, a city with a great, diverse and very stylish architecture as depicted in the Allen Lambert Galleria; a city with many influences by the earlier European settlements in Ontario. Our Locksmith in Toronto manages to keep all homeowners and businessmen secure.

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  • I somehow managed to snap my office key while opening the door. Don’t ask me how. I guess I must be stronger than I thought. Anyway, I went to the building manager and for some reason or another he didn’t have a spare.

    Rachel Tedesco
  • I went out for dinner last night with my friends. We ended up going to a club. When I got home in the early hours I realized that I’d lost my keys somewhere along the way. Great, right? I called FC Locksmith as they’d helped out a friend recently

    Zach White
  • I’d been having some problems with my electronic car key for a few months. Sometimes it would open the door, sometimes it wouldn’t. Stupidly, I put getting it repaired to the back of my mind. Big mistake! The other day I left the house to head

    Ivan. M
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